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Best Jobs For Single Moms

Finding the best jobs for single moms can seem to be a next-to-impossible task. It may seem even more difficult than being a single mom. However, it shouldn’t be that way. Single moms can endure immense pressure and responsibility, which are valuable and transferable skills for the employment field. Consider it; single moms must balance work with raising children and maintaining a household. That’s no easy task! Yet, many, if not all, jobs require similar skills through time management, the ability to handle pressure, and communication skills, to name a few. It’s also no surprise that almost two-thirds of single moms do actively work.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best jobs for single moms and what factors to consider.

What makes the best job for a single mom?

This is an important question, and for single moms, it’s essential to be aware of what to look for when applying for jobs. Here are some important factors.


Best Jobs For Single Moms
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As any parent would know, raising children is synonymous with curveballs, whether it’s a child falling ill, last-minute appointments, or holidays. As a result, flexibility is important for an employer. Whether that’s being able to take time off when required or changing shifts around, it’s important to have the support in place. Otherwise, it can be extremely difficult to manage and maintain employment while raising a family. Flexible schedules can make all the difference.

Work-life Balance

Best Jobs For Single Moms
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Similar to flexibility, jobs also need to have an appropriate level of work-life balance. For example, single moms can’t be expected to take work home just like they can’t take children to work. This may also be affected by individual differences as some people are naturally able to leave work in the office and transition back into family life quickly.

Salary and benefits

Best Jobs For Single Moms
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This is most likely the number one factor for single moms, especially in the current climate with rising living costs. However, getting a fair salary package is incredibly important. After all, you must support your family with what you earn. Through having a higher salary, there is less likelihood of falling into financial difficulties. While having a better-paying salary can mean more holidays, gifts, and treats for yourself and the children too. However, at the very least, having a job that meets the national average salary can be a great achievement. 

Additionally, benefits are just as important. Whether it’s medical plans, dental care, or just a 401(k), having them in place can provide additional security. 

Career Progression

Best Jobs For Single Moms
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Jobs should allow for progression as progression can lead to a sense of achievement. Of course, this factor may not be as important to everyone. However, it is important to be able to continue learning. So for those who may not have educational qualifications, learning on the job can help massively. 

Job security 

Best Jobs For Single Moms
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It goes without saying why job security is important. Amidst many of the uncertainties of life, having a job that comes with security can lead to one less thing to worry about. Certain industries and businesses are likely to have more security than others. Such as well-established companies compared to start-ups. However, having experience in a particular job function or role can also lead to job security because you’ll always be able to find another job. 

Types of jobs for single moms

Now, for single moms, a few avenues can be explored when looking for the perfect job. Each comes with different levels of the factors mentioned above.

Freelancing / Business route

Some single moms they may find that to get the most flexibility, they may need to freelance or start a solo business. This will reduce the likelihood of having a good work-life balance, although it is not impossible. However, salary and benefits can be directly improved by increasing rates. Now, of course, single moms may need to be in a decent financial situation before taking the plunge. However, here are some job roles where freelancers are often required. 

Freelance Writer Freelance Copywriter

With an average base salary of around $79,000, single moms can choose to freelance as a writer. While the most challenging aspect of this career path is finding the clients, once they are secured, it can quickly become a great job that can be done from anywhere and at any time. The level of education and experience can vary; however, strong writing skills are usually all that is required. 

Marketing jobs / Email Marketing Digital Marketing 

With many businesses needing help with marketing, single moms can choose to freelance in the marketing field. They could also work directly for a company. The average salary for the two specific examples of digital marketing and email marketing again is around $77,000. There will be a certain level of knowledge, skills, and experience required to do this successfully. Within the marketing field, the role of a social media manager has become increasingly popular. Single mothers are in a unique position to have first-hand experience with certain products and niches. Perhaps, children’s fashion or similar industries. As a result, many businesses may benefit from the unique knowledge and insight of a single mom. 

Graphic Design / Graphic Web Design

Salaries for design work range considerably. However, for graphic web design, you can expect a salary of around $85,000. With many companies, brands, and individuals requiring logos, it can be a lucrative way to make some money. However, finding the clients may be the most difficult task. In terms of qualifications, graphic designers can get by with experience. Although, being comfortable and knowledgeable with photo editing programs will make securing a job much easier. 

Easier to secure jobs 

Sometimes, finding a job quickly is more important than finding a specialized company or job role. In those cases, jobs such as customer service or retail-specific roles can be easier to secure. However, they will still come with flexibility and work-life balance as they usually will offer specific shift times or even part-time vacancies. The main requirement for these types of jobs is excellent customer communication skills and perhaps previous experience as opposed to degrees.

Customer service roles / Customer Service Assistant

Customer service roles are more often found in call centers. However, they can also exist in a retail or trade setting. Typical base salaries are around $40,000, but they can vary considerably depending on the industry and how specialized it is. 

Store Clerk / Retail Cashier / Store Cashier

Similarly, store clerks and cashier job roles have minimal qualification requirements. Usually, a good standard of communication and basic math skills are all that are necessary. However, typical salaries for these jobs are around the $29,000 mark, so they may not be as well-paying as needed. Additionally, career progression in these roles is also limited. 

Data entry jobs / Data entry clerks

Another type of job that is easier to obtain is a data entry role. Typical salaries are around $37,000, which is similar to the other jobs mentioned above. These jobs require minimal education but will require being comfortable with programs such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. 

Jobs with high pay but lower flexibility 

Depending on the age of the children, some single moms may choose to study further to help improve their employment perspectives. It’s no surprise that single moms can successfully complete many high-paying jobs. In fact, many big companies may even have benefits, including flexibility, that may appeal to single moms. 

Accounting / CPA

With an average base salary of around $85,000. Accounting and, specifically, CPA job roles can be lucrative for single moms. Admittedly, they may come with higher levels of responsibility, but the financial rewards can be significant. 

Real Estate/ real estate broker real estate sales 

Real estate and roles within can also offer high salaries. However, the time it takes to achieve sales and the level of attention required may be a lot more than in other jobs. With salaries ranging from $60,000 to $80,000 at the base, it can definitely be a rewarding career. Additionally, with more experience comes more significant progression. As many jobs in real estate are typically sales jobs, there are usually opportunities to earn additional income through commissions. 

Teacher roles / Grade school / Elementary school

It makes sense that a single mom having a job with the same holidays and working hours as schools can be a great benefit. Teaching can offer that with a decent salary too. The average base salary for teachers is around $68,000. However, for nursery and preschool teachers, it does drop to below $40,000. It may require additional training and qualifications, but it could provide a fantastic job that aligns with other requirements. 

What are the best jobs for single moms?

The best job for single moms should be a role where they are able to succeed professionally while being paid a salary worthy of their time. As a result, it can be different for every single mom out there; however, it’s important to be proud and happy with what you do. 

What can single moms do to make money?

The best way for single moms to make money is to find a job that can allow them to work. Finding one with flexibility and understanding is the most important aspect. Additionally, single moms can look at freelancing or starting a small business as a way to generate extra income. 

What careers are great for moms?

Moms are of great fortune to be able to demonstrate their ability to work under pressure, time management, and organization skills. As a result, there really isn’t a career that can be ruled out. In fact, moms could arguably be great at managing employees due to their unique skills. It all comes down to how much work or responsibility an individual would like to take on. As a result, it’s important not to let being a single mom hamper career dreams and goals.

What job makes the most money with the least education?

Of all the jobs mentioned above, digital marketing and technology jobs can be the most lucrative. However, prior experience and proven results can make all the difference in success. However, learning the initial skills required can be done through online courses without needing a college degree. Just remember that it may take a little longer to showcase results and find gigs immediately.  

Bottom Line

The best jobs for a single mother don’t have to be restricted to any particular field. There are plenty of great jobs out there. As long as they have a flexible schedule, perhaps with the option to work your own hours, it can work! In fact, you may even find jobs that pay more money with good career progression. If you’re a single parent and you’re not sure what to do, browse through our site to get an idea of the types of jobs out there and how much you could be earning. 

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